Listening Campaign 2024

Listening Campaign 2024

During the season of Easter—March 31 to May 19—a team of nearly 20 specially trained Zion people will reach out to 120+ Zion people to listen one-on-one.

A sister or brother in Christ will ask to listen to you. They will ask only for your time, trust, and story.

Say yes to a natural but uncommon conversation!


  • connect 1-1 with all 120+ Zion people, both members and active non-members
  • build relationships of ongoing care and concern
  • foster a greater sense of belonging and investment
  • create clarity for mission
  • develop and identify leaders

What a “listening campaign” is

It’s what happens when a team of specially-trained people listen one-on-one to others during a set period of time.

the Team

Abbi Brown

Beth Longlett

Beth Meyer

David Hansen

Jody Kealey

Joseph Obelton

Julie Kalkwarf

Kathy Longlett

Kirby Winn

Kris Tucker (coordinator)

Marissa Cherryholmes

Marlene Hartman

Mary Schnack

Rosie Bates

Steve Klecker

Sue Keller (coordinator)

Troy Benton

Wendy Essary

Pastor Clark


the seven weeks of Easter Season—Easter Sunday, March 31 to Pentecost Sunday, May 19

What I can expect

A team member will reach out to you. They’ll ask for 30-45 minutes of your time for a natural but uncommon conversation. It will not be a recruiting or fundraising visit. They will ask only for your time, trust, and story.

When the listening is done, the team will discern themes and potential areas for action. They will share what they heard, with next steps, after worship on Pentecost Sunday, May 19, and forward a report to Zion’s congregational council. This report will shape the council’s upcoming retreat and the annual vision for ministry it creates.

For Listeners

Tools for Listeners
Tools for Listeners