Dear Pastor Clark and our sisters and brothers of Zion,

Easter is a great feast where we cherish our salvation and victory over sin and eternal death. The death of Christ brought us salvation from sin, His resurrection gives us great hope of resurrection and everlasting life in Him.

Tomorrow Kirangare will have great Easter service starting at 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. One of the events in the service is special prayers for the Zion travellers by names, i.e, 1.Wendy Essary 2.Julie Kalkwarf 3.Joseph Obleton 4.Mary Schack 5. Pastor Clark Olson-Smith

The 13 Sewing Machines, 10 Scissors, Sets of cotton thread, sets of needles,Tape measures, 20 Meter fabric for sewing exercises are already in Kirangare. The sewing teachers will assemble the machines just after Easter Monday that the class may immediately start. I will take and send you pictures of the assembled machines.

The people of Kirangare have already started leveling of the ground for building a new Daycare Class. They use hand hoes to dig the steep sloped land. Here I share some pictures of the work.

From Matthew 28:1-10 we see that the women were the first to receive the greatest message of Christ's ministry. Althought Christ worked mostly with men (the 12) women accomplished the ministry. The resurrection of Christ it is where the highest hope of a Christian. Women were downtrodden in the Jewish community but God used them to receive and proclaim great message. The resurrection of Christ marks the God's inclusive love. This is the love that makes Zion and Kirangare meet in Christ and in ONE FAITH. Let us rejoice! Happy Easter to all Zion people and all people in Davenport!

Your brother in Christ

Pastor Simon Fue

Pastor at Kirangare Lutheran Parish